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The Pillars Schools (TPS) is an educational institution which owes its existence to the tenacity of couple of enthusiastic youth’s desirous of high and quality standard in the upbringing of the leaders of tomorrow - Today’s Youths.

Believing that all man’s actions are to be directed towards to services of the creator, TPS will impact well balanced and sound education to the youth making them into wholesome, altruistic, forthright and diligent citizens.

From inception we are convinced that TPS will not be an all-comers school. It seeks to satisfy the yearning of the growing number of enlightened and upwardly mobile executives living within and outside our location. In our opinion, these executives desire wholesome education that combines the best of western education and sound religious and moral values.

 This website gives an insight into school life as well as describing our vision and mission. However, there is no substitute for a visit and we hope that you will come and experience for yourself what it is that makes us so special.

TPS classes are structured as follows to meet the requirements of its identified target parents and pupils.




Play Group

   Basic 1

J.S.S 1

Nursery 1

   Basic 2

J.S.S 2

Nursery 2

Basic 3

J.S.S 3


Basic 4

S.S 1


Basic 5

S.S 2


Basic 6

S.S 3

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